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UK plant delivery with Florist Up My Street connects you to top independent florists across the country, specialising in a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. A houseplant is the ideal gift to brighten up a room or workspace.

Indoor houseplants claim to have many health benefits that purify air and calm your mood, proven to give you better attention span and productivity. A best seller for many florists in the uk as the popularity of houseplants at home and work grow (no pun intended).

The types of plants you can expect to see from one of our UK florists are Succulents, aloe, cactus, orchids (both Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis), hydrangea, azalea, mother in law’s tongue, peace lily (Spathiphyllum), ficus, devils Ivy, ferns and alocasia. This list goes on...

Florist Up My Street UK florists pride themselves on giving you the best service with their fresh and long lasting plant selections. Offering fair value for money and secure delivery. Guaranteed to be packed by hand, our UK plant delivery ensures the plant reaches your loved one on time, every time.

Our UK plant delivery is quick and easy to use, giving you the option to purchase healthy plants for any special occasion, including a same day (when ordering before 1:30pm) and next day delivery service. Once the order has been placed your order is in safe hands with our trusted UK florists.


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